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Hi there. My name is Moe Boksa.

Once upon a time, there was a child born in a vibrant city. She grew up happily amongst the skyscrapers and concrete, riding the metro cars to and fro. During the winters, she was cloistered in a cell-filled box, learning to dot her i’s and question authority. Her solace lay in sneaking out to stroke the ice-encrusted brows of the caleche horses, as they pawed the cobble stones with impudent impatience.

Her summers held the freedom of lakes and apples, woods and strawberries, country roads and spirited fish. She sat astride the backs of many a wild country mare, leaping the obstacles that tried in vain to contain her.

As she grew in limb and thought, she fell for the songs of the wind and made her way to a syrup-filled land. There she found many a four-legged friend. She rode tall the spines of some and mushed mightily behind others. Two wee spirits,lad and lass, grew into life, cradling her time with joy.

A breeze niggled at her ear and she marked a path to the fields of gold. Mountains grew vast in her eye as she ventured close to the roaring bear and stealthy wolves in her heart. The land pulled her into its grasp, frozen tundra burnished with streams of amber malt, streams filled with the cries of the salmon spawn.

A headlamp pierced the deep cold and the girl found an hibiscus scent brushing her cheek gently. She dove between the warm salty particles, smiling as her friend the octopus showed iridescent glamour. She wove her world with cacao and coconut, papaya and silken breath of crabs, freshly released from mortal turmoil.

One part translucent ice blue, one part sunburnt hue. The girl walked between the worlds, as the wee spirits grew tall enough to reach hand to sky.

The sand marked an indelible print in the lines of her hand. Tropical woman grew hungry for the avocado and the sea, grew hungry for knowledge and a life beyond what any could see. As the great honu moved with forward grace, so as well did she. The tradewinds blew with great force as she landed ashore hana me kalima.

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